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And they lived hoppily ever after

Some marketing ideas that you can utilize to boost your campaign during this season

3 e-commerce Trends for 2022

With e-commerce maintaining its highly competitive and fast-paced environment, one thing is always certain – It will be another year full of change, and innovation. In 2021 we’ve seen the industry adapting to new platform models (headless e-commerce), marketing methods (privacy issues), and shifting performance goals. As we enter another year of growth in e-commerce, …

2021 Is Over, Now What?

Yes, you’ve prepared for months, yes it was hectic, yes Q4 was profitable but no, you still have so much on your plate for 2022. So we’ve rolled up our sleeves and spoke with digital marketing experts, gathering the top 5 digital trends for 2022, so you could plan ahead and stay in the game: …

Why Personalization Matters

If you really want to improve your mobile conversions and user interface, you need to embrace the power of personalization.

Poloriz at VivaTech 2021 – LVMH Innovation Award

We are proud to share that out of 850 companies Poloriz was chosen to present at VivaTech, Europe’s biggest tech event, Hosted by LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH),  as part of the luxury goods conglomerate’s annual Innovation Award program. VivaTech brings together startups and major corporations, encouraging collaborations to drive innovation and mutual business opportunities.   …

Online Visual Merchandising – Why and why now?

Usually, when thinking about visual merchandising, we think of the physical store model, window display, and showcases. However, visual merchandising can be defined and expressed through online retail.

How to Turn Shoppers into Customers

Poloriz helps e-commerce websites enhance the shopping experience for users

Product-Detail Page (PDP) and How Can it Help Boost Conversions

PDP – Why is this important and how can this boost conversion rate

Why First Impressions Are Important For Online Retail

Perception is part of reality and the online design of a retail company can change the way customers perceive the brand, and it all starts on the first impression.

3 Tips to Boost Mobile Conversion Rates

Practical tips that will assist your brand to boost mobile purchases

The Benefits Of Personalization For e-Commerce

Personalization is increasingly important to brands seeking to, engage shoppers,  drive sales and increase conversion.

Enough with the lemons already

Well, shit happens, or more precisely, shit has happened. Our health, our children, our parents, our lives – nothing will ever be the same, we are history in the making, so let’s make it count. 

Stories, Stories Everywhere

Stories are coming to LinkedIn (!!)
After months of internal testing, LinkedIn is releasing conventional Stories for beta users.