Poloriz vision is to enable users to discover and engage with relevant content in a modern full-screen experience.

Why do we do it and how do we do it soooo well? hhhmmm… that’s because we are focusing on the user’s side of the equation, thinking about the true needs and figuring out how to make it better and easier to discover and engage with new content. Simple, Smart, Short, that’s our story. what’s yours?

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Enough with the lemons already

Well, shit happens, or more precisely, shit has happened. Our health, our children, our parents, our lives – nothing will ever be the same, we are history in the making, so let’s make it count. 

Stories, Stories Everywhere

Stories are coming to LinkedIn (!!)
After months of internal testing, LinkedIn is releasing conventional Stories for beta users.

Brands & Instagram Stories

It’s not just your sister taking in-the-moment videos of her dinner or your neighbors capturing their blooming flowers;  brands are getting in on the Story action as well

FIPP Congress 2019 – “What counts isn’t the frame, it’s what you put in it”

We have waited, we have prepared and Nov. 12th has finally arrived and The FIPP World Media Congress 2019  with it.
Imagine – top-notch media industry leaders, professional sessions, quality networking and a whole lot of Vegas!

First we take LA then we take…The World

We know, it takes time and effort to scale, we know it can be hard and frustrating, but we also know that being optimistic is the most important quality in the entrepreneur’s character. That and being persistent. And also a little bit of “Hutzpa”. 

What’s the thing with Stories?

It’s not a surprise that Stories grew from zero to 1 billion in just 5 years.

Top 10 on TMTI Startup Competition 2019

Two weeks of extensive rehearsals, improving the slides, refining the message, practicing, working on our vocal cords to their full capacity, breathing and mostly enjoying the ride – and we did it! final 10!!! 

How Effective Stories Really Are?

Delmondo, a social media analytics platform, partnered with Buffer, a leading social media management platform, to analyze more than 15,000 Instagram stories from top global brands.

2019: The Marketing Trends

New year, new resolutions, new marketing trends. Here are some BIG words that will dominate the marketing strategies in 2019: