Quality Content is King”

Bill Gates, 1996

But what about user experience?

The Solution

Poloriz is a content-oriented startup improving the user experience for websites


Automatically turn your images, videos, and text into a story format


Provide your audience with the user experience they really want


Upgrade user interaction to generate additional revenue

Poloriz In a Nutshell

The Team

Amir Barhak

CEO / Co-Founder
Our devoted CEO & Co-Founder, a highly experienced tech entrepreneur, that seem to have 25 hours per day (read more)

Nirit Ayal

CMO / Co-Founder
Digital is our CMO & Co-Founder middle name, her screen time measurements is not something she likes to share (read more)

Arik Almog

CTO / Co-Founder
The perfect CTO & Co-Founder, a gifted developer that keeps coding even while playing basketball (read more)

Our Blog

How Effective Stories Really Are?

Delmondo, a social media analytics platform, partnered with Buffer, a leading social media management platform, to analyze more than 15,000 Instagram stories from top global brands.

2019: The Marketing Trends

New year, new resolutions, new marketing trends. Here are some BIG words that will dominate the marketing strategies in 2019:

A picture is worth a thousand words

Studies show that people remember: 10% of what they HEAR, 20% of what they READ, 80% of what they SEE