About Us

“To polarize is to divide. Something that’s been polarized has been split into two sides that are so different, it seems as though they’re from opposite ends of the earth — like the North Pole and the South Pole”. Who? Poloriz was established in order to “shake things up”  and cause websites to change the way they have been displaying their content for years and years. What? In Poloriz we have created a simpler way for users to consume and engage with content – making it easier to read, understand and take action. How? simply by providing them a better-modern-easy to digest- social-like user experience. Why? Because in Poloriz we believe that websites and apps needs this little vibration to give their users a better attention. Where? Poloriz embedded code serves websites and apps for all mobile devices, easy to implement and to keep track using Poloriz dashboard.

The Bottom Line: In Poloriz we keep it simple. Automatically transforming content into a story format, creating a full screen experience, easier and faster to read and engage with, replacing scrolling with swiping.

Wait!!! There’s more – we also keep thing personal: In Poloriz we keep things simple, But not that simple – our meticulously designed algorithms will analyze the data and will provide a more personalized experience to the users, offering stories that most likely will interest them with a matching design.

Advertiser? Website/app owner?

This one is for you – Website owners and advertisers can easily keep track on their users activity and engagement with their content using Poloriz dashboard, intuitive friendly smart dashboard, displaying data and analyzing performance so you won’t have to – your KPI’s, your data, your design, your choice.

Any questions? want to meet (or e-meet) with us? you can reach us here.

Who we are

Amir Barhak

CEO / Co-Founder
Amir served in a technology unit at the Intelligence Division of IDF as a group leader for 3 years and receiving the unit’s award. With over 10 years of online product management and development, from small to large companies, Amir is also the founder of “Mabasir” - a social cooking & recipes network that serves more than 500K users a month.

Nirit Ayal

CMO / Co-Founder
With over 15 years combined of experience as an analyst in various companies, Nirit brings to the table a unique data driven approach when it comes to technological project management, specializing in digital platforms and marketing channels. Nirit also serves as a consultant in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation processes in large scale organizations.

Arik Almog

CTO / Co-Founder
Served as a major in Mamram (the Central Computer Agency in the IDF). Arik brings over 15 years of experience in software development, web and SaaS applications, both as a team leader and a team member. Proficient in all software engineering aspects, with vast experience in product design and implementing processes, Arik is an expert in product development. Arik holds a Sc. in Computer Science from Mercy College NY.