About Us

Creating the ultimate mobile user experience for mobile websites 

Our machine learning (ML) based algorithm creates a significant impact on mobile conversion rates, by automatically storifying the e-commerce shopping experience

Who? Poloriz inspires to improve on-line window shopping, making product discovery engaging.

What? In Poloriz we have created a simpler way for users to engage with your products – making it easier to take action, transforming shoppers into buyers.

How? Our plug-n-play solution creates a personalized, mobile-first, full-screen, easy-to-engage, social-like UX – all done 100% automatically.

Why? In Poloriz it’s not only about the WHAT, it’s also about the HOW.

WhereAny shape, any location – your brand, your choice. We can integrate with various CMS platforms and APIs.

In today’s world – Responsive is not enough
In Poloriz we keep it simple.
Automatically creating a truly mobile-first, full-screen experience, easier and faster to engage with, replacing scrolling with swiping, improving the product discovery, quickly increasing the conversion rate.

Don’t go yet –  there’s more – we also keep things personal. In Poloriz we keep things simple, But not that simple – our meticulously designed algorithms will analyze the data and will provide a personalized experience for the end-users, offering stories that most likely will interest them in a design that fits their preferences.

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Who we are

Amir Barhak

CEO / Co-Founder
12 years of experience in product management and business development.
Served in a technology unit at the Intelligence Division of IDF.
Founded Mabasir [acquired] - a profitable social network for foodies with 250k active users per month.
A former head of product and technological consultant at the Prime Minister's Office.

Nirit Ayal

CMO / Co-Founder
11 years in digital marketing and eCommerce.
Former 8200 lieutenant.
Experienced in big data analysis and data integration at the Prime Minister's Office.
A founding member of an innovation hub, encouraging openness to the high-tech community and promoting in-house innovation.

Arik Almog

CTO / Co-Founder
Over 15 years of experience in software development, web and SaaS applications.
Former Mamarm (IDF tech unit) major.
A team tech leader, managing over 20 employees (developers, mobile).
Worked in both large-scale organizations and startups as BrainPop (CanFigureIt), SuperCom, Sarine.