About Us

Creating the Ultimate Mobile Shopping Experience for eCommerce Websites 

Our machine learning (ML) based algorithm creates a significant impact on mobile conversion rates by automatically storifying the e-commerce shopping experience

We want to help eCommerce brands like yours give shoppers the best mobile experience possible.

How? Our plug-n-play solution creates a personalized, mobile-first, social-like UX — all 100% automatically.

What? We’ve created a simpler, more familiar way for your users to engage with your products, making it easier to transform shoppers into buyers.

Who? Designed for eCommerce brands of all varieties.

Where? Everywhere mobile — we integrate with a wide array of CMS platforms and APIs.

In today’s world, a responsive site isn’t enough

At Poloriz, we keep it simple. Our truly mobile-first shopping experience is easier and faster to engage with, replacing scrolling with swiping and improving product discovery for almost immediate increases in conversion rate.

We also keep it personal. Our meticulously designed algorithms analyze the latest data to create highly personalized shopping experiences for the end-user, offering storied products that best suit their unique style and preferences.

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Who we are

Amir Barhak

CEO / Co-Founder
12 years of experience in product management and business development.
Served in a technology unit at the Intelligence Division of IDF.
Founded Mabasir [acquired] - a profitable social network for foodies with 250k active users per month.
A former head of product and technological consultant at the Prime Minister's Office.

Nirit Ayal

CMO / Co-Founder
11 years in digital marketing and eCommerce.
Former 8200 lieutenant.
Experienced in big data analysis and data integration at the Prime Minister's Office.
A founding member of an innovation hub, encouraging openness to the high-tech community and promoting in-house innovation.

Arik Almog

CTO / Co-Founder
Over 15 years of experience in software development, web and SaaS applications.
Former Mamram (IDF tech unit) major.
A team tech leader, managing over 20 employees (developers, mobile).
Worked in both large-scale organizations and startups as BrainPop (CanFigureIt), SuperCom, Sarine.