About Us

Creating the ultimate experience for content consumption

Our machine learning (ML) algorithms and data analysis automatically transforms content (image, video, and text) into an engaging, full-screen Story format.

Who? Poloriz inspires to change the way websites have been displaying their content for years and years.

What? In Poloriz we have created a simpler way for users to consume and engage with content – making it easier to read, understand and take action.

How? Our plug-n-play solution automatically creates a better-modern-easy to digest- social-like user experience.

Why? In Poloriz it’s not only about the WHAT, it’s also about the HOW.

WhereAny shape, any location – your choice. Poloriz’s easily embedded code serves websites and apps for all mobile devices. It is also easy to implement and work with.

The Bottom Line
In Poloriz we keep it simple. Automatically Storifing content, creating a full-screen experience, easier and faster to read and engage with, replacing scrolling with swiping.

Don’t go yet –  there’s more – we also keep things personal: In Poloriz we keep things simple, But not that simple – our meticulously designed algorithms will analyze the data and will provide a more personalized experience for users, offering stories that most likely will interest them in a design that fits their preferences.

This one is for you!
The Poloriz dashboard is an intuitive and friendly smart dashboard, that can easily keep track of users’ activity and engagement, so you won’t have to. Displaying data and analyzing performance – your KPI’s, your data, your design, your choice.


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Who we are

Amir Barhak

CEO / Co-Founder
A restless entrepreneur since the age of 16. Founder of “Mabasir”, a leading cooking and recipes digital platform in Israel.
Tech consultant for startups enterprises.
Served in an elite tech unit in the IDF and holds a strong technical background and hands-on managing experience.

Nirit Ayal

CMO / Co-Founder
An 8200 data mining specialist, experienced in big data analysis and data integration from various sources.
A digital & innovation consultant with vast experience in social media marketing and strategies.

Arik Almog

CTO / Co-Founder
Over 14 years of experience in software development, web and SaaS applications. Proficient in all software engineering aspects.
A backend and frontend developer, a team leader, worked in both large scale organizations and startups.