2021 Is Over, Now What?

Yes, you’ve prepared for months, yes it was hectic, yes Q4 was profitable but no, you still have so much on your plate for 2022.

So we’ve rolled up our sleeves and spoke with digital marketing experts, gathering the top 5 digital trends for 2022, so you could plan ahead and stay in the game:


Hyper-Automation Unlocks Digital Value  Embrace hyper-automation as your business best practice. Time to market will be accelerated, and the customer’s experience will be transformed, saving you time and hassle.

Composable Approach – Create 360 connections by using smart “building blocks.” As new digital touchpoints and shopping models emerge, digital commerce architecture must connect them all together – more speed through discovery, a secure website, achieving agility through modularity, using reliable data sources (APIs).

Visualization Matters – consider video social platforms such as TikTok and Reels. Ensure you have relevant content for each platform, be real, be engaging, and don’t forget to improve your website as it’s your most valuable digital asset. Take advantage of the traffic you have and make the most from it.

Messaging & Data analysis – So many platforms, so little time, and yet, you must have engagement options for all messaging platforms. And yes, preferably 24/7. But it’s more than just platforms, it is the entire concept of first-party data vs cookies. Prioritizing first-party data is a must. Be proactive, use AI and analytics to acquire insights, and learn more about your customers.

Privacy & Transparency – Brand’s 2022 core mission is to gain trust. Now in order to build trust, appreciation, and loyalty, brands must move away from ‘spamming’. Privacy will be one of the most important messages brands must communicate. Being transparent is the key. 



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  • Poloriz Team
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  • January 3, 2022