2019: The Marketing Trends

New year, new resolutions, new marketing trends.

Nowadays, consumers are evolving much faster than the brands they interact with or the companies they buy from.

Companies that wish to provide positive, memorable experiences for the long run, will focus on developing an AI-based internal infrastructure, alongside a carefully measured digital activity, that will help them in creating true value for their customers.


Here are some BIG words that will dominate marketing strategies in 2019:


» Data-Driven Creativity
Delivering the right content, to the right customer, at the right moment and in the right place (marketing channel) is the result of a data-driven approach to marketing.

Combining creativity to the process will help marketers create content faster (real-time), with minimal effort (automation) and with a perfect match to the customer (personalization).

The main challenge of those companies is to create a true-real time-full view of unified data, due to multiple marketing channels, combined with automated creativity (hint: that’s what we are here for…)


» Privacy-Driven Personalization
Companies will work hard to connect the dots between data and content, to deliver a customized customer experience, to create a meaningful long-term relationship, rather than a onetime experience.

However, marketers (and companies) must take under consideration the privacy of the customer, by giving them control on how their data is being used (and why).

Following the GDPR guidelines and the expected 2020 California’s privacy law, companies must be transparent with their customers, with solid explanations on how the data is used.

Companies will focus on personalization technologies and will execute cross-channel differentiated marketing messages.


» Agile Marketing
Being in the early adoption phase, agile marketing is helping marketers move faster in response to the customer’s needs.

The secret is to dare – dare to experiment, to create, to combine, to release and to work together as a team.

The processes must be data-driven, cultural oriented, with strong commitment and dedication of the team members.

Companies must understand that it is the era of trial an error, success, and failure have equal probability and so yes, failure is an option (in small agile dosages…).

Work in small versatile teams, to create marketing sprints lasting 2-3 weeks, create adaptive, real-time reactive, efficient marketing moves.

So what’s your next move for 2019?

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  • December 29, 2018