How Effective Stories Really Are?

Delmondo, a social media analytics platform, partnered with Buffer, a leading social media management platform, to analyze more than 15,000 Instagram stories from top global brands.

The study showed that the more stories top Instagram accounts post, the higher their reach and impressions get – meaning that more users are exposed to these brands content.

Moreover – the average completion rate of those stories was over 75% – meaning over 75% of the users who started to consume these brands stories actually watched all the stories until the last story frame.

An amazing result right? We are not surprised.

Stories are the fastest growing media form in 2018 – users love them, engaged with them and consume content directly from them, feeding their constant FOMO feeling.

Forbes analysis predicts that short narratives will become the norm, shifting content marketing towards a “tagline” type of approach, with a greater focus on visuals to capture attention quickly.

Stories are user-friendly, mobile-friendly, easy to comprehend, full-screen experience that allows the users to quickly understand and digest content – so why are stories being used only on social media accounts?

Well, this is where we come in,  AUTOMATICALLY turning your content into a full vertical story- visually attracting experience, without any design skill needed.

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  • Poloriz Team
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  • January 6, 2019