Online Visual Merchandising – Why and why now?

Remember that just a year ago we strolled down and up the street and did some shopping? or if it was on 5th avenue, window shopping? What made you step inside a specific store? The window display or Visual Merchandising.
It’s ok. we’re all in the same boat – visual queues work better on our brain and emotion, that’s what defines us as humans. This was Online Visual Merchandising – Why,  and now – the Why now : )



Usually, when thinking about visual merchandising, we think of the physical store model, window display, and showcases. However, visual merchandising can be defined and expressed through online retail. Online Visual Merchandising (OVP) is a way to utilize visual elements on an online platform to enhance customer experience and boost conversion rate. This can be through the use of:

  • Online Navigation Tools – make it easier for the users to find what they want, fast. Product discovery has to be easy and intuitive for the always-disturbed-with minimal-attention-span shopper.
  • Mobile Web Design – mobile-first UX, loading speed, and a well-designed home page and product pages.
  • Recommendations – always offer more for you shoppers, people love to be given options, make the recommendations personalized and you can improve conversions even more. 

It is important for companies to recognize OVP and incorporate this idea into their website design. It can help boost conversion rates and build a professional brand, the kind that invites us inside the store and shop, just like on 5th…

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  • Poloriz Team
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  • March 31, 2021