Enough with the lemons already

Well, shit happens, or more precisely, shit has happened. Our health, our children, our parents, our lives – nothing will ever be the same, we are history in the making, so let’s make it count. 



“Content is king” right? for the past few years, the meaning of “content” has completely changed; from articles to videos, from Politzer price winners to the girl who made us all use reusable cups, the one thing that has not changed is our “need to know”  or in its modern form – our fear of missing out (FOMO).


This, alongside our new ‘indoor lifestyle’, has caused a significant rise in traffic to websites who can contribute or can give value to the reader (or visitor). If you compare website traffic since the beginning of Corona you will witness an increase of 20% (and more…), and those numbers are here to stay (at least as long as we are in this Corona Virus reality).


So, what can we do for you? you guessed it…lemonade!
Besides writing or producing your content we can boost the UX and make more out of your content, giving your visitors the content they are really interested in, faster, easier and in a way they really like, making the time spent on your website even better and significantly increase your conversions. How? email us and we will tell you our Story 🙂 

  • Poloriz Team
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  • March 29, 2020