First we take LA then we take…The World

It’s been hectic, crazy, too long, and too short. 

We are talking about acceleration programs, Fusion Labs to be exact.

A 10-week program based in Santa Monica assists Israeli startups to set the ground for their overseas business operations. This mentorship-driven intensive program has been our first “taste” of the US market.

Meeting other Israeli founders, venture capitalists, tech executives & like-minded entrepreneurs in LA and Silicon Valley, has helped us come a step (or steps) closer to our “let’s conquer the world” plan.

We know it takes time and effort to scale and can be hard and frustrating, but we also know that being optimistic is the most important quality in the entrepreneur’s character. This and being persistent while adding a little bit of “Hutzpa”.

So, here we are, driving Poloriz full steam ahead, and making our moms proud.  We have even made it to the local LA news!

  • Poloriz Team
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  • November 11, 2019