Cracking The Gen Z Code

Gen Z is the generation of the future, they learn fast, they think fast, they react fast, they are ambitious and have the power to create a huge difference in many industries.

Harley Block, senior vice president of brand partnerships, Awesomeness: “Creating mobile-optimized content that’s platform specific, direct, and entertaining is essential for brands to reach Gen Z… this audience has the ability to sort through content faster than ever before”.

Gen Z were born into a digital dominated world, they want to go, get and grow, they are exposed to enormous amount of data and are constantly prioritizing short and long term plans.

Always plugged in and tuned in to everything, Gen Z has the ability to quickly inspect and process data, this can explain why, in just 6 years, “stories” have become Gen Z preferred way to display and engage with content – short, simple, visual appealing way to receive content.

When it comes to attention spans, Gen Z shows the shortest attentions spans, but also the quickest new trends and technologies adoption, reshaping the way consumers connect and engage with brands.

  • Poloriz Team
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  • October 16, 2018