What’s the story? A content glory!

Stories are a new storytelling method, a new innovative way to create, communicate and consume content.

First appeared only in 2013, stories have reached over 1.2 Billion daily active users by 2018, and are expected to grow and expand significantly in years to come.

So let us take you back to the start – Founded only on 2011 Snapchat has created a meaningful effect on the way of content sharing and consuming. This “photo disappearing” app that shows a more authentic and unpolished side of social media, alongside with animated features and template, has been growing ever since and by 2017 has reached over 173 Million daily users,  uploading over 3 Billions “snaps” per day.

Statistics of snapchat shows that 71% of Snapchat users are less than 34 years old and spending over 30 min per day viewing the app.

Snapchat company has also created a new method of storytelling by creating a feature named STORY/STORIES – “A Story is a collection of Snaps that play in the order they were taken. You and your friends’ Stories cover the last 24 hours, so you can see the day unfold”. The app seem to keep its users engaged, consuming over a collective 10 billion videos (=stories) per day.

Instagram Stories has created a meaningful impact within just two years bringing the stories to live for their existing users

With over 300 million daily users(!!!) Instagram Stories feature has created a meaningful change in the way users consume their content when one in five organic stories from businesses gets a DM (direct message).

With that said marketers sees in the native- story-ads channel as one of the most profitable marketing methods with a potential growth and numbers that are expected to increase in years to come.

  • Poloriz Team
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  • October 6, 2018