3 e-commerce Trends for 2022

With e-commerce maintaining its highly competitive and fast-paced environment, one thing is always certain – It will be another year full of change, and innovation. In 2021 we’ve seen the industry adapting to new platform models (headless e-commerce), marketing methods (privacy issues), and shifting performance goals. As we enter another year of growth in e-commerce, here are the top three technology trends to watch:

Zero-Party Data
Cookies are being crushed by privacy-first actions and policies.
Marketers and growth teams will continue to struggle to keep their customers engaged with more direct and personalized data-driven campaigns as retargeting continues to be mission (almost) impossible.
In one sentence – First-party data is the future of e-commerce.

So now what? Creating direct lines of communication with the customers through onsite engagement. Using email, notifications, SMS, and personalized offers. The catch is that these channels must be time-sensitive and blend seamlessly with the brands’ digital assets.

‘Headless’ is here to stay 
Let’s put it this way – as the ecosystem continues to grow and receives funding, the buzz will grow. However, when you look beyond the hype, retailers have found these transformations to be much more complex and expensive, and also lacking in many necessary features.

So now what? Hybrid headless models. These combined models allow retailers to achieve their performance goals with minimal transition time, with new features and services.

Instant analytics
There used to be a delay in collecting and aggregating data using analytics tools. Today, many e-commerce platforms allow you to see live data. With real-time data, you can see how customers are interacting with your website. With the help of machine learning, you can use this data to identify where potential sales are lost and to minimize bounce rates and cart abandonment.

So now what? Optimizing sales with machine learning, creating a dynamic experience for the customers.


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  • Poloriz Team
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  • January 24, 2022