Product-Detail Page (PDP) and How Can it Help Boost Conversions

When a shopper sees an item on a display page on an e-commerce website and clicks on the image, usually a link is embedded which brings them to a detailed description of the product. This is called a PDP and it usually provides the consumer with photos, sizes, color options, and measurements of merchandise. So, why is this important and how can this boost conversion rate? 


Well, PDP’s give the consumer more trust in the product. Because shoppers cannot physically touch the merchandise, it is important that the retailer provides as much information as possible so the consumer knows what they are going to buy. This can boost the conversion rate by establishing trust between both the business and the buyer.

Here are a few tips you can use to improve your brand’s PDP:

  • Highlight important information – Think about what is most important for the user’s decision-making process
  • Use high-quality product photos – Prefer visually appealing images over plain packshots
  • Build trust with social proof – Reviews, no need to add anything else
  • Promote the ‘Add to Cart’ button – Make it as easier as possible to add the item to the cart
  • Offer additional products – Users love a personalized experience, offer them real-time-up-to-date recommendationsFor more ideas and tips, contact us, we’re waiting 🙂



  • Poloriz Team
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  • March 19, 2021