Stories Discovery

Stories Discovery
Poloriz Stories Discovery Solution automatically creates a social-like UX that your shoppers know and love, allowing them to discover new products faster and easier.

Nowadays, e-Commerce shoppers are taking window-shopping online. With product discovery done on their mobile phones, they are missing out on 8/10 new products.

Once upon a time
Historically, when consumers needed something, they made their way to the local store or marketplace. When the world was introduced to the internet and shopping went online (aka e-commerce), the path to purchase became much more complex.

Fast and easy are everything
Mobile e-commerce is the new normal. Mobile design and especially mobile-first buying have to be at the forefront.

Product Discovery
Unlimited products, endless variety, all in a short delivery distance. This, however, might be more of a curse than a blessing when your visitors can’t find exactly what they’re looking for, or simply can’t decide what they need. Whether your visitors are searching for something specific or just browsing your store, there’s a way to turn them into shoppers — by making it easier for them to shop, find and purchase.

With more product data and smart analytics, it’s easier to answer the shopper’s needs more accurately, increasing online sales.

A critical part of the shopper’s journey, it enhances the chances they’ll find exactly what they want, buy it, and come back for more.