Import Stories from social media

Import Stories from social media

Poloriz Import Stories Solution is an additional tool for your website manager to enrich the UX, automatically creating a seamless flow, connecting your brand’s social media account to your website.

This feature is a great opportunity for marketing managers to embed Poloriz’s auto-created Stories on their website — Poloriz can import your best ready-made content from your social media accounts. Add your most engaging content created on your website and leverage it to further support your conversions.


Increasing Engagement & Building Brand Awareness

Social media stories are great. A lot of effort — creative and design — is put into a holistic content strategy, but most of the Stories are deleted in 24 hours, or are forgotten somewhere in the highlights. With Poloriz, it’s easier to make use of Stories outside of social media, leveraging the benefits to increase engagement and improve the UX.

In just a few clicks, Poloriz can integrate social media stories into the stories bar, enriching your website content and creating another touchpoint between your brand and the visitor, improving both brand awareness and user engagement.

Sounds great? It is. Ask us for more details and you shall be answered.