Export Stories to social media

Export Stories to social media
Poloriz Export Stories Solution is an additional tool for your social media team, aiming to enrich your brand’s content strategy and engagement.

Enriching Brands Content Strategy On Auto-Pilot

Let’s face it. Stories are fun and engaging pieces of content, and if you wish to engage with your audience, it’s simply the way to go — so why not do it on auto-pilot?

Social media has changed a lot over the last decade — and the way marketers manage social media channels has changed too. There are many tools designed to make social media marketers work easier and more efficiently, i.e. finding relevant content, scheduling and designing posts, etc.

Poloriz Stories is a new automation tool for social media marketers who wish to save time and enrich their content strategy, allowing an automated upload of the Stories created with Poloriz directly to the brand’s social accounts.

Sounds awesome? well, it is. Contact us for more details.