How product-stories improved the visual storytelling for Modern & Chic online clothing boutique.

The Brand 

In 2012, Christy, an amazing mom of four, decided to add more to her plate with a jewelry & clothing boutique, crafting a modern women’s fashion, affordable and full of chic. 

The Challenge 

Improving the mobile shopping experience to match its customers’ needs, making the UI more modern & chic, increasing the mobile revenues.

The Execution

Top Page Product Discovery  

With no development resources needed, M+C now offers a social-like look & feel for its shoppers, creating an engaging, personalized experience, converting them to buyers. 

PDP Recommendations 

The machine learning-powered product recommendations UI has quickly shown significant growth in mobile conversions and revenues, enriching, even more, the modern & chic shopping experience. 

The Results

12% Increase in Mobile Conversion Rate

The customer-focused product-stories create a personalized mobile experience, resulting in more engaged users with higher intention and therefore an uplift in the mobile purchases. 

50% increase in Pages per Session

Using the Stories resulted in a significant increase in the number of products and pages viewed by the M+C shoppers, leading to an uplift in product discovery, and increasing mobile revenues. 

30% Of Mobile Revenues

In just under two months, Poloriz stories experience is responsible for over 30% of the entire mobile revenues, this can be explained by M+C audience, a mobile-first, social media, and fashion enthusiasts, resulting in a significant increase in the number of products discovered and purchased. 

His Words:

“I was amazed at how fast this great technology showed significant results, and even more amazed at how much our customers love it”.
Dallin Koski, M+C partner.

  • Poloriz Team
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  • March 31, 2021