Renuar is a leading fashion brand based in Israel, providing a mix of products and a top-notch shopping experience, inspired and focused on fashion solutions matching the local climate and following international fashion trends.

The Brand
For more than 20 years Renuar has been providing leading apparel, footwear, and fashion accessories products to Israel’s diverse market segments, all under the latest fashion trends, creating a value proposition that combines different styles at different price levels.

The Challenge
Deployed nationwide at premium locations in the leading malls, Renuar has become a leading brick-and-mortar retailer in Israel. Due to COVID-19 Renuar’s marketing team searched for a solution that will keep Renuar as a leading fashion retailer, this time online, with an emphasis on Improving online website performance, increasing mobile conversions, and mobile revenues.

The Execution

Product Page Stories Carousel
This was the first solution that was implemented on Renuar’s website. The machine learning-powered product discovery and recommendations have quickly shown significant growth in mobile conversions and revenues, encouraging Renuar’s team to embed more solutions.

Home Page Stories
With no operational resources needed, Renuar’s homepage (and products page) has a social-like look & feel, creating an engaging, personalized experience for mobile visitors. Working with the graphic design team, cover-images were added to the categories, highlighting the best products for each user.



The Results
11% mobile CVR uplift
Renuar’s audience is as innovative as its clothing. Quickly adapt to the Stories UI, using tapping and swiping gestures, increasing both the CVR and the AOV.

45% increase in pages per session
The easy-to-use, fast and familiar gestures allowed Renuar’s users to better engage with the products. The equation is obvious – fast responding, mobile-first, personalized UX, allows users to discover more and more products to their liking and therefore to stay longer on the website, all they need is their fingertip.

10% of mobile revenues
In just a few months, Poloriz stories experience is responsible for over 10% of the entire mobile revenues, this can be explained by the market segment Renuar is aiming for, a mobile-first, well-experienced in social media platforms, fashion enthusiasts, resulting in a significant increase in the number of products discovered and purchased.




Her Words:
“I couldn’t believe how fast the audience had responded to this amazing technology, and it was even harder for me to believe that the integration and implementation were so fast. The best part, other than the ROI, is that the solution is automatic and does not require any additional resources from our end”.
Anna Svirinovsky Kalev, Director of e-Commerce, Renuar.

  • Poloriz Team
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  • March 31, 2021