How technology has created a significant uplift in CoverMe mobile revenues




The Brand
Coverme brand was established by Nataly Dadon, Israel’s top lifestyle influencer, as a home to all the worlds of lifestyle, beauty, and leisure. The brand was born out of love for a unique lifestyle and incorporates products that provide both functional and fashionable daily solutions. 


The Challenge 
Knowing the importance and business potential of social media, it was important for CoverMe founder to maximize her own digital asset. The CoverMe website enhances the CX and improves mobile revenues.


The Execution

Home Page Stories 
By providing CoverMe visitors the mobile look & feel they know and love from various social media channels, considering the targeted audience (young women), it’s no wonder users were quick to use Poloriz Stories on the CoverMe website.


The Results

28% Mobile CVR Uplift
CoverMe Stories are user-focused and give a personalized mobile experience to shoppers, resulting in more engaged users with higher intentions. Thus, increasing the mobile CVR and revenues.

22% increase in pages per session
Using the Stories resulted in a significant increase in the number of pages, and products, viewed by the CoverMe visitors leads to an uplift in product discovery, increasing the mobile revenues.

33% Decrease in bounce rate
Directed usually from social media, visitors are more engaged with the website and are in no hurry to return to their social feed. This decreases the bounce rate by increasing the time on site improving the overall performance and also the website SEO. 


Her Words:
“The Stories are now a part of the users’ journey to purchase, improving the overall mobile UX and promoting CoverMe as a user-focused brand”.
Liat Kourtz Oved, CoverMe’s business manager.


  • Poloriz Team
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  • February 24, 2021