Zucker Studio

 ZuckerStudio is led by an inspiring team, focusing on the consumer. Giving unique, hyper-personal, customer care, both online and offline, in the beautiful TLV based Studio. Combining Poloriz technology as another channel for their customers to enjoy their timeless clothing has contributed to the mobile experience, significantly increasing the mobile CVR.


The Brand

The Zucker brand was established to meet the basic needs of an urban, up-to-date, and meticulous woman who wants to build herself a wardrobe made up of quality, timeless, basic specifications.  The product does not depend on seasons and is not influenced by passing trends incorporating a well-built direct-to-consumer experience, both online and offline.

The Challenge 
Improving online website performance, increasing mobile conversions, and mobile revenues. 

  • ZuckerStudio’s direct-to-consumer vision was different from day one. Consumers weren’t used to this model and the typical buyer would have to go to a brick-and-mortar store and buy it there. Therefore, the online performance and product discovery needed to improve. 
  • ZuckerStudio brand has a strong social presence that needs to be carried through the website with a meticulously planned funnel, maximizing the traffic. 
  • ZuckerStudio’s direct sales strategy is based on the owner’s vision of selling top fashion clothing without brokerage gaps, a complex and expensive array, and without the costs of maintaining stores, thus keeping the same uncompromising quality and service but at an affordable and convenient price. The main difference between the brick-and-mortar shopping experience to the online shopping experience is product discovery. This is done better offline due to various psychological reasons. The ZuckerStudio team needed to improve the online product discovery, in order to increase the ARPU.


The Execution

Home Page Stories
With no operational resources needed, ZuckerStudio’s homepage (and products page) has an IG look & feel, creating an engaging, personalized experience for mobile visitors. Crafting a continuous flow between the online channels and the mobile website.

Product Page Stories Carousel
Deploying personalized machine learning-powered product discovery on ZuckerStudio’s PDP  has quickly shown significant growth in mobile conversions and ARPU. Basing product recommendation on previous engagement with Poloriz, powered by machine learning.

The Results

8% Mobile CVR Uplift
Combining the mobile homepage stories solution and the PDP stories carousel created a user-focused personalized mobile experience, resulting in more engaged users with higher intention increasing the mobile CVR, both on the circles and the carousel.

32% increase in pages per session
ZuckerStudios’ users were quick to adopt the stories as they become familiar with the swiping and tapping gestures they know and love from social media resulting in a significant increase in the number of pages, and products,  viewed by the users.  Therefore, an uplift in product discovery was created, increasing the mobile revenues.



 From This Incredible & Inspiring Woman:
“In just two months Poloriz has created a significant increase in our average conversion rate, we also got great reactions from our customers on this new feature. As fashion retailers, we know to appreciate a beautiful design, also on the web, and the best part is that it all happens automatically”.
Owner and CEO Einav Zucker.

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  • February 24, 2021