KIKO Milano

Leading the beauty retailer enhanced customers’ shopping experience and achieved a 10% increase in mobile CVR



The Brand
Established in 1997, this Italian professional cosmetics brand features a range of cutting-edge makeup, face, and body treatments created to satisfy the beauty requirements of women of any age.


The Challenge
By putting the individual customer needs in the heart of the online experience, capturing the magic atmosphere of a store visit, we are:

  • Suggesting the right products for each individual user.
  • Shortening the user’s path to purchase.
  • Maximizing the revenues of the massive traffic coming from social media. 
  • Busy development pipeline, requiring a rapid implementation with minimal operational resources. 
  • Connecting online channels to create one cohesive customer journey

The Execution

Home Page Stories
Creating a unique experience for KIKO Milano’s visitors by incorporating a highly-personalized and engaging mobile shopping journey, all in a format they know and love from various social channels, thus crafting: 

  • a continuous flow between the online channels and the brand’s website, 
  • no operational resources needed. 

Product Page Stories Carousel
Deploying personalized machine learning-powered recommendations on KIKO Milano’s PDP, allowing an immersive, dynamic, engaging CX to help users seamlessly find the most relevant products for them, based on their previous engagement with Poloriz.

The Results 
10% Mobile CVR Uplift
Combining our mobile homepage stories solution and our PDP carousel created an immersive personalized mobile-first experience, resulting in engaged users with higher intention, increasing both mobile CVR and ARPU. 

OVER 50% Decrease in Mobile Bounce Rate
Giving an awesome, social-like, personalized dynamic CX, allowing the users to discover more products by increasing the engagement and, as a result, the overall metrics. 

41% Increase in Mobile Session Duration
The UX is easy-to-use, fast, and familiar from various social channels. While grabbing their attention and increasing engagement Poloriz creates a seamless flow, operated with a single, well-known, finger gesture. 

From The Beautiful Beauty E-commerce Manager
”Poloriz has given us a platform to continually enhance and improve the mobile experience. This has helped drive improved customer experience and increased key performance metrics, such as average revenue per user and conversion rate.”
Yael Danielie,

Kiko Milano e-commerce manager IL.




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  • February 24, 2021