Skin Worldwide

How Skin Worldwide Increased CVR by 7% Using Poloriz’s Stories 

The Brand
In 2003 designer and entrepreneur, Susan Beischel, created Skin Worldwide, a global lifestyle brand encompassing lingerie, accessories, and clothing. Drawing inspiration from nature, the collection appeals to the senses with comfortable luxe fabrics and refined lines. Skin truly addresses the body by incorporating items that can be worn to sleep, to lunch, and to go from day tonight.

The Challenge 
Skin Worldwide is well known for its unique quality and attention to detail. This same approach is taken when it comes to their online activity. Skin Worldwide teams have been working hard on delivering a highly personalized shopping journey, in order to maximize mobile traffic and overall website performance.

Skin Worldwide wanted to differentiate itself from its competitors and stand out with a highly innovative online buying experience that will drive revenue growth:

  • Shortening the user’s path to purchase, making it easier and faster to engage and shop from mobile browsers. 
  • Enhancing the mobile revenues of the traffic coming from social media and online searches.
  • Recommending relevant products for each individual user.
  • Busy development pipeline, requiring a rapid implementation with minimal operational resources, with deep data analysis requirements.. 


The Execution
Home Page Stories
By providing the visitors with a mobile look & feel they know and love from various social media channels, combined with machine learning personalization. Visitors more likely to engage and with fast responding UI are also more likely to purchase.

Product Page Stories Carousel 
The Stories Carousel on Skin Worldwide PDP was part of its product discovery strategy, providing personalized recommendations served over a dynamic UX. This significantly increased engagement and mobile conversion rate. 

Skin Worldwide’s digital strategy is based on the team’s vision of selling top lounge and leisure clothing. They Provide a brick-and-mortar personalized, full-care service, such as sales-person recommendations and shopping product discovery. The Skin Worldwide team needed to improve the brand’s online product discovery in order to increase the ARPU. 

The Results
7% Mobile Conversion Rate Uplift
Skin Worldwide’s audience is as sophisticated as its clothing. They quickly grasp the new and advanced UI- tapping and swiping, increasing both the CVR and the ARPU. Embedded Stories, both raw and the carousel, resulted in engaged users, all operating automatically.

81% Session Duration Uplift
Delivering a personalized CX based on a well-known social UI with a touch of personalization has created an engaging experience for the users. The analytics show an amazing uplift in the time on site, increasing the number of products viewed which reflects the revenues.

Product Discovery
Poloriz stories enabled Skin Worldwide to create a more intuitive and individualized experience for its audience. With an advanced product discoverability carousel and personalized experience, Skin Worldwide boosted engagement revenue.


That’s What They Shared With Us
“After partnering with Poloriz, we’ve seen an increase in conversions as high as 20%. As the leading fashion retailer for women, product discovery and CX are the key factors in creating an authentic online shopping experience”.


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  • February 24, 2021