How Laline Has Pampered Online Visitors Using An Advanced and Personalized Product Discovery





The Brand
In 1999 a world of pampering and tranquility named Laline was created by two resourceful women Revital Levi and Merav Cohen. 20 years later, with over 100 Laline stores in Israel, Japan, the US, and Canada becoming Israel’s leading chain for cosmetics and lifestyle products, both online and offline, offering a variety of products and fragrances for women, men, babies, and teens. Additionally, an exciting range of gift packages, connecting body, and soul.

The Challenge 
Strengthening Laline’s online performance and increasing the online revenues, all while recreating the magical romanticism of the stores including the personal touch and celebration of fun and esthetics.

The Execution

Home Page Stories
With Laline, we worked on creating a new way for visitors to engage with an endless variety of products, in order to provide a new way for them to discover increased online revenues. Laline’s business needs requiring a versatile approach in the categories and products displayed, alongside clear brand guidelines, both in the Hebrew and the English versions. 

In order to maintain a unified design, the Stories categories circles were designed together with Laline’s graphics team. The order of the categories was determined by the e-commerce team to best serve the company’s needs.



The Results 


8% Mobile Conversion Rate Uplift
Bringing an advanced, up-to-date experience, tapping between stories, and swiping between categories. Engaging the users with a faster run-through of the products, all with a strong focus on visualization and personalization resulting in a higher conversion rate.

38% increase in pages per session
Users were quick to adopt the technology. They became familiar with the swiping gestures and the UI from social media, resulting in a significant increase in the number of pages, and products, viewed by the users, and an increase in mobile revenues. 




Worldwide success
After receiving very successful results and positive feedback, it was time to go global. Poloriz’s solution was embedded both in Canada and US Laline websites, showing similar results. 


Our #1 go-to person at Laline
“Poloriz’s STORIES are now a part of the users’ journey to purchase, improving the overall mobile UX and promoting Laline as an innovative user-focused brand”.
Lilach Tenenbaum, Laline’s global e-commerce manager.

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  • February 24, 2021