Lavishly New York

How Lavishly New York Created a Shining Customer Experience and Increased Conversion by 12%



The Brand
Combining high standards with affordable prices, Lavishly New York, a fine jewelry brand, was established by a woman that believes that diamonds are for everyone, offering classic, timeless jewelry designs both offline and online.


The Challenge 
Lavishly New York has been established by an inspiring, beautiful, and creative IG influencer Doreen Dotan, and therefore required a social “zest” to boost up the website, serving thousands of young women worldwide.   


The Execution

Home Page Stories
We have decided to place the Home Page Stories on the mid-section, using jewelry images for the circles, all designed to meet the brand’s luxury look & feel. Poloriz technology has established a seamless flow between social media to the mobile website, improving engagement and assuring a fine, personalized CX, just like Lavishly New York jewelry. 

Product Page Stories Carousel
Product recommendations are crucial in every customer journey, both offline and online.  Based on our machine-learning algorithm,  we Increase the chances to complete the purchase process as well as the average cart size per user (ARPU), using smart data analysis. Lavishly New York can offer its visitors hyper-personalized recommendations that convert better.

Product Discovery
Delivering a personalized product discovery experience for Lavishly New York visitors, with a familiar, easy-to-use UI.

The Results 

12% increase in mobile conversions
Driving online shopping for luxury jewelry can be difficult. However, combining the Lavishly New York brand authenticity with Poloriz technology has resulted in an uplift of mobile conversions. 

48% Session Duration Uplift
The IG look & feel gives visitors an opportunity to browse without distractions, view personalized recommendations, all while using known swiping gestures to engage with the brand’s mobile website.


She’s Knows A Thing Or Two About IG
“As an entrepreneur, I understand the power of the web, the importance of data, and the mobile-first approach. Poloriz has created a beautiful solution that engages our visitors and provides them a unique experience, just like my vision for my brand. But the thing I love most about Poloriz is the fact that it’s 100% automatic and does not require any operational resources from my end It’s no wonder why I chose them to work with me on my new brand – “Port Home Design” Doreen Dotan, founder of Lavishly New York.

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  • February 24, 2021