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How NUNUNU Created an Innovative Customer Experience and Increased Conversion by 45%

The Brand
Co-owners and designers Iris Adler and Tali Milchberg created children’s clothing collections that broke stereotypes and dodged accepted norms, creating an alternative fashion line. Focusing on creating extremely comfortable clothes with a distinctive look – both graphic and color-wise, very clean and minimalist, becoming a global brand with a unique personality, language, and design. 


  • The Challenge
    Improving the mobile CX and giving the end-users an exceptional experience. Like every Direct-to-Consumer online brand, NUNUNU is all about the customer journey.
  • Seizing the momentum of its already-strong mobile traffic and transforming product discovery into a captivating, personalized experience.

Our mission
Enhancing online sales by improving the mobile CX, all to be operated automatically. This allows the team to focus on making NUNUNU even greater.

The Execution

Home Page Stories:
Our first step in the collaboration with NUNUNU was to learn, in-depth, about the brand’s meticulous guidelines, followed by close work with the graphic design team for the initial setup. We remain true to NUNUNU’s distinctive brand and vision by providing the same mobile look & feel they know and love from various social media channels, 

By creating a personalized, mobile-first CX, the NUNUNU data analysis indicates an increase in customer affinity for the brand. With Poloriz users can easily interact with more product pages and categories and ultimately add more to their carts, resulting in an increase in conversion rate and the ARPU.

6.5% Mobile Conversion Rate Uplift
Driving sales before check-out by creating engaging personalized UX based on the user’s engagement with Poloriz’s solution, creating an IG look & feel on the mobile home page. 

51% Session Duration Uplift
A clean user interface gives the visitor the opportunity to browse without distractions, making it easier to navigate and engage with appropriate areas of the website.

Product Discovery
Delivering an exceptional product discovery experience for the users, with a familiar, easy-to-use UI.

Using Poloriz has resulted in an increase in online sales & product discovery throughout the buyer journey, all operated automatically.

She Said It Better
“What I absolutely love about the solution is that I don’t need to operate it, the solution works for us and shows significant results in no-time, ”
Shira Maimon, NUNUNU’s Marketing manager


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  • February 24, 2021