Top 10 on TMTI Startup Competition 2019

400 Startup companies applied
To the amazing TMTI – TheMarker + TAU Innovation 2019 Challenge – focusing on different verticals, in the search of young, innovative, worth-knowing startup companies in Israel. 

From the 70 Made the cut to the Semi-Finals
It’s was a (very) long day;  56 judges, 10 companies per vertical, 2 rooms, 4 min pitches of over 70 startup companies. Lot’s of networking, and mostly preparations and excitement.

Only 10 Made it to the Finals – and we’re one of them!!!

Once the finalists were announced we felt so blessed and honored, that we couldn’t stop smiling…  On the following day, the finals were held in a large venue at TAU (Tel-Aviv University), with over 6,000 guests, fireside chats, workshops, food and drinks, and finally – the finals!
10 startups, 3 winners, we were so close… but still proud of ourselves.

Super excited and grateful for the opportunity to introduce Poloriz to the TMTI’s attendees.

To summarize: 
Two weeks of extensive rehearsals, improving the slides, refining the message, practicing, working on our vocal cords to their full capacity, breathing and mostly enjoying the ride – and we did it! final 10!!! 

Here are some pics from the 2-day competition – See you next time!


  • Poloriz Team
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  • July 31, 2019